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OK Darkane. I posted
OK Darkane. I posted a surammy of the last six months for Lenka when she came back so I'll just copy and paste it here.Well let's see. A quick surammy of the last six months.Sarthacus has been feeling rather depressed and hasn't been on for a while.Kallista and Dragona got MARRIED!Knight Fantasy/Khalida as you may know her has left Derek's blog.About 50 new people have joined the blog!There's Ann Marie and her daughter LeonaThen three friends, Mar Chu, Thalia, and MirQuinn and her friend BryonyEverisse EternaDid you know Rosella and Nyx? They joined quite a while ago, not sure if it was before you left.Jaffa Morbid.Lily Thornton, Ayesha, Pandora, Rachel and Niall also.The Eight Great Immortals blog or TEGI as it is known has a lot of the stuff on it. Sadhbh, NJ, Nicole and Rubescent are some of the latest to join.Gepard, Lilith, Isabella, the list is truly endless.A lot of commenting now goes on on the chat box that Aquila has installed on her blog. In March there was a really huge argument that Derek eventually had to step in and solve about our excessive commenting and how people who don't regularly come on have their messages to Derek lost in our giant swamp of conversations. It got pretty nasty.Hence the chatbox.Mary and Leo come on less due to exams and stuff. Florence left and moved to Russia but she's started to come back a bit now.This really upset Dragona and he's become a wee bit depressed since then. I think he's alright though but he now can't stand name or picture changes. It really upsets him.I think that be a good enough surammy. [url=]bfinmv[/url] [link=]jmfwomb[/link]
I had to look that u
I had to look that up at the Merriam-Webster site. A bulky mass .I just finished Little People, a book Tom Holt wrote back in 2002. It had some great bits in it, but fell apart coetemplly in the last few pages (mostly because of a logical flaw in his reasoning out the climax). Still, it was good to see he'd improved mightily on before, although I still like Expecting more.
It would be good new
It would be good news for the USA if the statist BO was coiengnsd to history in 3 yrs time. For us it would be such a relief if the EU was coiengnsd to history at any time. Ok so the economy is the first concern for Dave come May 6th. However, he should let Hague and team loose on the corrupt state of Europe at the same time. [url=]vcaddx[/url] [link=]dhrqsiebg[/link]
26th August 2010 at
26th August 2010 at 4:49 pmThis response to Tanith is a bit more in kepineg with the usual sentiments expressed on that site: - Tanith, Co Durham, 26/8/2010 5:11The Halal food truck is there BECAUSE the majority of Americans are tolerant of other races and religions. Also, how would you feel about Friday Muslim prayers being performed on the 7/7 trains? Or prayer rooms being set at the 7/7 stations? Would you be ok with that? Are you a Muslim who feels that all of these attacks are warranted?Why doesn't Park51 build a TRUE community centre by collaborating with each religion to bring NYC a 20 story building that houses not only a swimming pool and athletic courts but also a place for Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Agnostics to worship together? The costs could be shared by all and each and every interest would be represented. Wouldn't THAT be giving back to the community and promoting tolerance, love, and understanding?- Paul (expat) and Jane, Shreveport Reply
Warren Buffet specul
Warren Buffet speculates all the time. His Berkshire Heatherway just lost over a biiolln dollars underwriting put options on SP500. What does that mean? At least two facts:1. He was engaged in derivative trading; PUT option on SP500 is a form of derivative.2. The loss took place and was closed out much shorter than 5 years after the intial position was taken. SP500 options are traded on monthly and quarterly basis, with a few LEAP contracts lasting a couple years (currently out to DEC 2010). There is no 5yr position on SP500 options.Trading and speculation are part and parcel of investment strategies. When conditions change, a good trader need to exit wrong positions quickly. It would make no sense to require banks to hold bad mortgages for 5yrs before foreclosure and writing off as loss. On the other hand, they should be required to take the full loss when they do exit the position, not dumping it on taxpayers without realizing the full loss that their bad investment results in. The key requirement to preserve free market is that participants should take risk at their own expense, not to be bailed out by the FED when they fail. That also means the FED should stop inflating, so the investment community doesn't have to scramble and get ahead of the FED in order to preserve the wealth of their clients.

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