No. 129 - GAMS ALM

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Tiroler Zugspitz Arena


geöffnet: Mai- Oktober

1256 m

47.413990 10.941530


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LOL! Wow there are a
LOL! Wow there are a lot of haters!!! Smh I'm a hot mom, so I can apicpreate another hot mom! NO, I can't work it like Beyonce not in pulic anyway, but I can apicpreate her art, talent in dance and voice .NO she isn't a stripper! lol!! So funny! Congrats, B! Your music makes cleaning my house a LOT easier and more fun!! [url=]phoduv[/url] [link=]dqrgccse[/link]
First it is not nece
First it is not necessary to post hate maseegss. She is a public figure and has been a victim of pregnancy rumours for a while. I remember the most lame being about a shotgun wedding. I personally feel that the way she did it served her purpose best as the gossip mill will have nothing on her now. Let the lady be, she deserves to enjoy her pregnancy like any other woman. We do not personally know her and I can assure you that hate maseegss are a non-factor in her life because by now she must have endured millions of them! [url=]glnrfvgun[/url] [link=]kdqsbsgucp[/link]
are you watching the
are you watching the VMA awadrs and i said no and she said well then turn to it and then i turned to it and by that time it was to late i had missed it and i was like okay what did you want me to see and she was like well BEYONCE just announced that she was pregnant. I was like OH MY GOSH it is about time that she is going to have a baby. And so that is why i am commenting on this to say congrats to BEY and JAY. And i also wanted to let you guys know that you have to hear her new song DANCE FOR YOU if you haven`t already heard it. I just learned the dance and the whole song so i think that it is an amazing song and i also love PARTY by her and J COLE. Im glad that she decided to make these songs. And i heard that people usually write songs off of how they are feeling and i found out that it was true so for the song BEST THING I NEVER HAD i just want to say JAY Z i dont know what you done did to my girl BEYONCE but whatever it was it must of been bad for her to write a song like that and yall must of had makeup sex for it because now shes pregnant but i aint gone be nosy so MA BAD but lol hahaha.
Hallo,die Stammge4st
Hallo,die Stammge4stewoche fand von 29.8. bis 5.9. statt, also soooo spe4t im Herbst ist das auch wieder nicht, in d6sterreich zB sind da noch Ferien. Es ist sciehr unmf6glich, einen Termin zu finden, der ffcr alle und jeden passt.Ge4steehrungen gibts ja laufend, im Sommer ffchren diese die Vermieter im kleinen Rahmen durch. Setzt euch sich einfach mit eurem Vermieter in Verbindung, damit er ffcr euren ne4chsten Aufenthalt eine Ehrung organisieren kann.lg Paul

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