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BorisYou asked so I
BorisYou asked so I will offer a best guesstimate.WR's (3 satetrrs and top reserve) Mikel 4, Sharpe 1, Beck 89 & we are going to offer a different one to consider Carini 34 as a slot back. We offer a positions switch w/ Brandon Hill 16 going to WR. The freshman Woods is supposed to be something to watch out for too.TE's this is easy Blanchflower 87 (all conference n more), with Cyr 86and Foesel 85 getting some time too.LT Dima 70 backup Westcarr 79LG Casselberry 76 (hope he is physically ok) or Boland 71C Sparks 78 w Freshman Green as the backup. This position needs stability as much as any OL position.RG Boland 71 w/ Leneus 64 as a back up or Tyrell Smith 69 but word is his shoulder may be an issueRT Bruns or Mock both new OL's from Junior colleges.***Freshman who will be playing OL's Zeff OT, Henderson OT, Page OGQB Doyle 15/ Wegzyn 11 w/ two good sophs Stafford and O'Connor battling it out for the backup QB position RB This will be a committee: Broadnax 28, Carini 34 if he is still a RB, Bedell 23, Wilson 22 and the Freshman Lorenzo Woodley, Daquan Mack.FB Really like FB's and we hope he is still with us and is used more often Campbell 25P Colter Johnson 91 w/ freshman Laurent backing him up. you heard it here first Colter Johnson will be involved in a offensive TD scoring play this year 2x.K Blake Lucas 98 and the back up is to be determinedLS Barton 48 and either Brandt 37 or Odegard backing him up.Returns BroadnaxDE Andre 35 and we think that Clemons 49 should move from DT to DE w/ Seals in the rotation. We are going out a little and project some freshman as backups Angeh, Correia and Tyo with Bieren soph in the mix too. Krizanovic 57 might be a LB to DE convert as well. Also some talk that Andre may be a MLB if the DE position is being better playedDT Byrne 93, Maynes 97, Kitching 75 and we hope to see the freshman from Germany Holler, Asante and Wilkinson all getting some time as DT's. Both DL positions need to be recruited up for the future.OLB Messiah 90 and Jovan Santo-Knox 50 (aka JSK) w/ Brandt 37, Casali and Ngobidi getting in time as well. Messiah may be headed to being a DE. MLB Robinson 42, O'Connor 53 and McKenna 59 w/ Krizanovic 57 if he is still a LB and not a DE and the freshman Huber and we think the freshman walk on Ellis may be in the mix too. CB Jette 17 and Tharpe 2 w/ Williams 13, Dudley Giles 20, Harris 31 and Brown 42. We have lots of CB's who have played available this year. The freshman Porter should get some time too.SS Colton 46 and Saint Vil 6FS Bailey Smith 21, freshman Williams and Collins 32We will need some DB's upcoming but not as much as we need DL's.Not meant to say we know all or have any inside knowledge. This is just some guesstimates for the sake of discussion. We are really looking forward to seeing how the DT Holler does. Talked with someone who played at Holy Cross and who then played semi pro in Germany and he knew of him and said he could be really something here but will have to wait n see how he handles the competition here because in Germany he was a man amongst boys most of the time. Larry sec 109 [url=]dylbaarutlk[/url] [link=]sluyjjp[/link]
All this Offense tal
All this Offense talk about how there lacking and not firuging things out is because of a lot of reasons. The Coach need's to stop acting like his playbook is the Bible and such a worthy piece of brilliance. The offense can't stay on the field more then a 3 and out, and it's not all Wegzyn's Fault but he's definitely not helping the cause. The O-Line needs a lot of work and has to hold blocks way better for holes to open up. But, the whole theory of an athletic QB that scrambles, Yes a lot of College Football programs do it, but it's not Molnar's offense he's a Pro Style that you need someone with a strong arm and great accuracy. Honestly, with that being said the QB that actually has most upside for this offense is Hill. I think he was initially recruited for that type and came from a Pro Style. Anyone know an update on his injury any chance of a return this season?
Mr. Molnar's wishful
Mr. Molnar's wishful ramuniting: “If we can just play football with less errors, if we can play football with more concentration, hold onto the ball and make some plays, we’ll be fine. We’ll fight them right until the end of the game.”With three games left on the season, the old maxim, Insanity can best be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result' (or something to that effect) is especially relevant. Mr. Molnar seems at a loss for words to explain the poor productivity of the offense. The longer the offense is on the field, the fewer opportunities will be presented to opposing offenses and, by extension, the rhythm that is established when an offense moves the ball. Scores should be respectable; no one was expecting a winning season. Our defense has played adequately and at times really well. But when drives are incapable of being sustained and the same game plan is implemented, the maxim becomes manifested clearly, in what Mr. Molnar wishes to happen and what is actually transpiring on the field. I think contingency is a wonderful thing. It's not that things have gone awry, or players are not performing. The offense is not working. Lack of experience? Poor preparation? Poor play calling? Poor chemistry among players? It could be any combination of things. The offense has been circumscribed week after week in what has been painful, and Mr. Molnar should be thinking of ways to establish a semblance of rhythm. Get a quarterback in there who can run and perhaps Wegzyn will become more effective in his style of play. Go UMass. [url=]hjncfx[/url] [link=]gzlvrlwhgh[/link]
There's some lack of
There's some lack of comparison here, in the realm of pgsrtiee in academics. For example, in the midwest, very bright students would regularly turn down elite programs like Cornell and Carnegie-Mellon to attend the Univ of Illinois/UC for engineering. Now, from a Harvard College person's p.o.v., he might consider that person to be no different than a lowly' UConn or UMass attendant. Likewise, this snobbery spills over onto other Boston area private colleges like Tufts and Brandeis, who like the ivies, are trying to convince students not to attend their State U, in place of a higher *mark up* private college experience with the false notion that it's not what's in the person but his surroundings which make him a bright and effective individual. So as you can imagine, in a private college centric northeast, there's a lot of ambivalence about an Extension school, giving the keys to the kingdom to an outsider. What that does is give a public schooler (yes, it's a class system concept) the ability to take Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences courses (everyone knows this angle) and show to the Harvard faculty that he's just as capable as anyone else w/o playing the admissions game of being h.s. school Editor-In-Chief, winning some Westinghouse Award, or having a rich family with a hedge fund who can make multi-million dollar donations for a new building. In a sense, every private college loses when Harvard basically offers a more prestigious and palatable alternative to attending a UMass campus. I suspect that this ambivalence will continue unabated but at the same time, given the paucity in the number of actual HES degree attendants, it's not enough to shake the foundations of the educational maya which is the predominance of Harvard University.
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